“He not only forgives us but delights in us despite our persistent failures and persistent rebellions against him. If you meditate on that, think on that, and dwell on that, it doesn’t produce love if you don’t have faith in that.
But if you have faith in that, you actually believe that, you actually believe right now, not you later, not some future version of you, but you right now, you believe God looks at you and sees you as holy, spotless, and blameless and you know you’re not, when you believe God delights in you when you know there is not a lot of reason for him to delight in you, faith in that leads to a love that begins to motivate our behavior. We go, “You want me to live like what? Oh man, I’ll live like that. You want me to forsake that and run to that? Man, I’ll do that.” Love is a powerful motivating force.”
Matt Chandler (via clothedingrace)


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